White Swan
White Swan
White Swan
White Swan

Down the road a little girl arises
like a dying duck in a thunder storm
creeping up on me – quietly steps
she gets within my minds
and stares me down
Oh, as to her eyes
they cut in my soul

she gets her hands at back
and dances in a net
and swears in her beard
she cries as a black swan

A glow worm comes into sight
and her gory gown comes to light!
while she hides her face in hands
She unfolds slit marks on her wrists

from the fire of her eyes,
rain through her fingers,
hidden tears of cold blood
having out fire of hate!

the fear spreads inside me
and a wildfire rages the forest.
flashing hits the swan’s lake!
Evil fills her heart
And she’s after storm!
but the lake drown her..
and I have not seen more agony

Text from 20th of February, 2005.

Swans Wings
Swan’s Wings


  1. slamdunk says:

    Great photos–we love swans.

    1. thoroner says:

      Thank you! I love swans too!

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