DIY Pencils Holder

You need:
• wooden box pencils holder
• decorated napkin
• decoupage varnish and glue
• scissors or crafts knife
• synthetic brush and a glass of water
• empty bowl to mix glue following the instructions on it
• acrylics primer for wood
• white acrylic


Prepare the wood by applying the primer following the instructions on the container. Let it dry completely or in 24 hours.
Paint the wood with white acrylic using a synthetic wide brush but apply the paint in thin layers and let it dry between each layer. I applied as many layers until the pencil holder looked very much flat and the wood wouldn’t be seen underneath.
Let it dry over the night.

White Painted Wooden Pencils Holder
White Painted Wooden Pencils Holder


Decide where on the box you want put the decoration from your napkin and think about what piece of the napkin. The design must remain simple and clear. Then you proceed with separating the two blank layers of the napkin. Remove the layers very carefully and patience so you wont’t break apart the drawings.
And now you can select the pieces from the napkin which you desire to keep and then you cut them out. But you can also cut a part of the napkin the sane size as one side of the box.
Put your napkin on a plastic bag and use a wet brush to wet the napkin exactly where you want to cut out the drawing or simply where you want to remove margins around the drawing. The more water you add the faster it will break. Practice before hand with another napkin.

White Painted Wooden Pencils Holder
White Painted Wooden Pencils Holder


Apply a layer of varnish on a side of the box and then put a piece of the napkin there and on top of it apply the second layer of varnish. Apply as many layers of varnish as indicated on the container. Let it dry and follow the instructions.




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